Our Brother, Coconuts visited Carl and Christy Wheeler in the hospital on 01/11/2022.

Since Carl is in the hospital, our entire group could not attend..

Carl was hit by a drunk driver in a head on collision on December 10, 2021.

Carls car was mangled so badly, the car had to be cut apart to get him out.

Both of Carl’s legs are broken in multiple places. Left leg has a broken hip, broken femur and broken shin and ankle bones. Right leg has a broken knee, shin and a crushed foot.

He also has a large laceration on his head from when the airbag deployed.

Carl has undergone 3 surgeries so far and has at least 2 more to go.

Once Carl gets out of the hospital, he must begin rehab.  

We are happy to have made a donation to Carl.

If you would like to help him, please visit their "gofundme page". 



On Sunday 3/20/2022, we met James Greer of Artic Adventure 22 and made a donation to his mission.

There are 22 Veterans a day that commit suicide.

Hw ia eising his Kawasaki KLR650 from Leonardville, KS to the arctic circle to raise money for Mission22, in support of helping to find a solution to this dilemma.



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